Summer 2017 in the Canadian Maritimes

Adventures of David, Jelynne and Eva

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Percé Rock, Gaspé Peninsula

Most of the footage for this 4K drone video was captured at dawn. That means that I had to get up just before sunrise, which was just before 4:30 a.m. It was definitely worth it – not just for the early morning light but to see the birds and sea life come to life. I hope I was able to cinematize the magic of Percé Rock in the morning within these 3 min 56 sec.



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Our Walk to Percé Rock

Percé Rock on the Gaspé Peninsula in Canada is a narrow, interestingly shaped island butte measuring over 400 metres in length. Its seaward side has a four-story-high natural arch.

A spit of land connecting Percé Rock with the mainland appears when the tide goes out. This creates a dry, easy walkway for tourists to see the monolith up close. As we discovered, it’s well worth the walk down to the water and across the land bridge. The water seemed to retreat from about 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. which allows visitors to walk over to the Rock.

Some visitors walk all the way to the far end of Percé Rock. Those who contemplate doing it should bear in mind that rocks do fall, the footing on the fallen rocks can be challenging, and the tide will eventually come in.

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Video: Meet (or not) the Whales of Percé, Québec

We had the best intentions of seeing whales (even just one!) but we had no such luck. However, we did have some fascinating views of Percé Rock. This limestone Rock is 438 metres long by 88 metres high and was formed on the bottom of the ocean bed during the Devonian period (375 million years ago).

It was well worth the attempt and I’d recommend the cruise just for a different perspective of the area. Who knows, maybe you’ll have the chance, if you go on this cruise, to feel the spray of a fin whale or a humpback as it blows nearby.