Summer 2017 in the Canadian Maritimes

Adventures of David, Jelynne and Eva

The World’s Largest Lobster

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As we made our way from Hopewell Cape, NB to Cavendish, PEI we made a short stop in Shediac (recognized the world over as “The Lobster Capital of the World”) to play with the world’s largest lobster.

The World’s Largest Lobster is a concrete and reinforced steel statue by Canadian artist Winston Bronnum. The statue is 11 metres long and 5 metres tall, weighing 90 tonnes. Because the sculpture weighs around 90 tonnes; the lobster alone weighs 55 tonnes while the pedestal weighs around 35 tonnes.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Shediac Rotary Club as a tribute to the town’s lobster fishing industry. The sculpture took three years to complete and attracts 500,000 visitors per year.




One thought on “The World’s Largest Lobster

  1. How cool is that?! I had my first lobster roll in Shediac! I hope you are eating lots of seafood!!! Your photos are absolutely stunning and I’m thoroughly enjoying hearing all about your trip! I didn’t realize you took your drone with you – I thought the video was stupendous!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Your family is very photogenic! 🙂

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