Summer 2017 in the Canadian Maritimes

Adventures of David, Jelynne and Eva

Menton – The Pearl of the Alps


So we’ve been so busy trying to squeeze everything in before we leave… that it’s hard to get the blogging in too sometimes.  We awoke to stormy skies and the first rainfall on our vacation.  As we watched the pouring rain, we wondered if our day’s plan would be cancelled.  A few hours later it stopped, bringing a refreshing coolness and afternoon sunshine.  With excitement and relief we headed off.

Menton, is my favourite village we’ve visited so far!  It’s a picture perfect representation of what most people romanticize France’s riviera to be.  The colours were absolutely delicious and the town quaint and inviting!  The Italian influence was delightfully evident everywhere. (We were only about two kilometers from the Italian border.)  Here’s just a tiny glimpse of our day.  We’ll post more later!

Our sweet Eva with the backdrop of the lovely town of Menton behind her.

Our sweet Eva with the backdrop of the lovely town of Menton behind her.

We were blessed to have our friends Nick & Elizabeth give us some travelling ideas before we left for our adventures, as France is one of their favourite destinations.  They recommended that we stop in Garavan so we would have this stunning view of the old Menton Village.  We were so thrilled we did.  There was an amazing family friendly, sandy beach there and fun playground for Eva.  The old village was straight out of fairytale.  You can just imagine all my gasps and “Oh my’s!”  Another surprise was the luscious and beautiful gardens that lined our pathway as we walked to the Menton train station to go home.  Eva was filled with extra smiles today, which made the day seem even brighter!!

Our muse smiles happily

Our muse smiles happily

It was quite a hike to Old Town but oh so worth it!

It was quite a hike to Old Town but oh so worth it!


4 thoughts on “Menton – The Pearl of the Alps

  1. Bet you don’t want your holiday to end……you have seen so many new things and places. Love mom, dad,miko


  2. We are so thrilled you enjoyed Menton! Stunning photos of Eva and Menton!


  3. Aww…thanks! She was particularly photogenic and smiling that day. She usually sticks out her tongue lately!! Looking forward to showing you more pics.


  4. Thanks for all the videos. Sure looks busy. See you Sunday to catch up on your special holiday.


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