Summer 2017 in the Canadian Maritimes

Adventures of David, Jelynne and Eva

Doggy Holiday

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In-A-Perfect-World-blogWhat’s great about our summer holiday is that we’re spending it together as a family… except for our darling Miko.  As I was packing his things this morning for his doggy holiday it was as if I was packing things for my child to go off to summer camp.  I had lovingly packed his favourite hedgehog stuffy, special doggy treats from the Farmer’s market, a new light for his collar so he can be seen in the dark etc.  Miko was so excited as he left for his great northern adventures with Uncle Gary and Aunt Elinor.  We know he’ll have a fabulous time swimming every day and going for long walks up in the Muskokas.  Miko truly does have a doggy holiday but as David drove off with him I felt sad that my oldest was leaving and we wouldn’t be a complete family on our summer vacation.  Later in the afternoon, out of the blue, Eva started to cry. We were startled and confused as to what was wrong.  She said, “I miss Miko.”  We hugged her and said, ”We ALL do!!” Miko is such a loyal and loving big brother to Eva and our family wouldn’t be complete without him.


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